I'm ready to keep pushing major boundaries in my career.

I live my life—and do my work—by the motto “What would Beyoncé do?” What exactly does that mean? Well, besides regularly breaking out into spontaneous dance parties (when professionally acceptable, of course), I’m always looking for ways to push the industry forward and make my next project bigger and better than ever. I have an intense dedication to everything I do. I’m engaged in the entire process of getting creative products in the marketplace, and I follow through on the commitment to help the teams I work with see more success than they could have imagined.

And, just like the Queen B, I love to collaborate with other awesome people. I’m currently on the hunt for my next full time opportunity to team up with digital content creators, publishers, brands, or innovators to push content boundaries and engage audiences in unique ways. Whether that’s working for an advertiser, emerging brand, new content platform, or influencer, I’m excited to bring my strengths to help get what they have to say out into the world. Please reach out if you need someone like me on your team or if you want to talk shop!