From start to finish (and for every cocktail in between).

I’m a firm believer in developing deep relationships with the talent I work with so that they’re happy with the experience and want to work with us again. Whether that’s being a shoulder to cry on when her fiancé ends the engagement (yes, it’s happened), or being the one ordering another round of celebratory cocktails after we successfully wrap a project, it’s my job to be there.

But I don’t just support the people I work with. I collaborate with them to come up with ideas for creative projects to pursue next. I strategize with them to determine the best way to get the work out there. I keep everything that's going on organized to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. I think of our work together as a partnership, where I’m doing what I do best to help them do what they do best.

Plus, I’m not afraid of the nitty gritty involved in making that flashy final product happen. Whether it’s getting real about whether an idea is a good one, identifying the correct talent and negotiating their deals, or helping identify strategic partnership and marketing opportunities to spread the work further, I’m ready to do the work so we can all to end up with a project we’re proud of.